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03/22/1995Students, staff, faculty to rally against budget 1  BUDGET CUTS
04/26/1995Budget cuts fight continues 3  BUDGET CUTS
09/08/1986Budget request alarms Fordham 1  BUDGET CUTS
09/05/1986Proposed cuts worry UNC officials 1  BUDGET CUTS
12/06/1999Legislators Expect to Cut Budget 1  BUDGET CUTS
08/28/2003Letter: Columnist ignores benefits to boosting enrollment cap 12  BUDGET CUTS
08/25/2003Cuts take deep toll on arts community 2A  BUDGET CUTS
07/10/2003State budget stings entire UNC system 1  BUDGET CUTS
06/05/2003ECHHS sparkles in rankings 4  BUDGET CUTS
09/05/2003Editorial: Share the Wealth 10  BUDGET CUTS
04/15/2004Editorial: Avoid more cuts 14  BUDGET CUTS
04/16/2004Editorial cartoon: Spare some... 12  BUDGET CUTS
04/19/2004UNC has made questionable sacrifices to get added funds 10  BUDGET CUTS
05/20/2004Budget cuts to UNC considered 3  BUDGET CUTS
02/13/1969Scott Budget Address Gives UNC Shot In The Arm 1  BUDGET CUTS
09/27/2010Editorial: Cut the cord: Landline phones 7  BUDGET CUTS
11/05/2010Bowles proposes minimum budget 1  BUDGET CUTS
12/07/2010UNC president-elect forecasts budget cuts 1  BUDGET CUTS
...Ed: Private problems: More than money at stake in shifting funding model 10  BUDGET CUTS
01/14/2010Editorial: Prepare for the worst 12  BUDGET CUTS
04/13/2011House calls for 17.4 percent cut 1  BUDGET CUTS
04/08/2011Looming budget cuts focus of BOG 1  BUDGET CUTS
03/14/2011UNC system ups lobbying efforts inface of budget cuts 1  BUDGET CUTS
05/26/2011Don't cut academics, leave scholarships intact (letter) 8  BUDGET CUTS
05/19/2011NC House amendment cuts aid funds 6  BUDGET CUTS
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