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02/04/1997N.C. budget might give graduate students little 1  BUDGET, NC
09/02/1997Editorials: Late legislation 10  BUDGET, NC
02/13/2001Budget can affect UNC system 7  BUDGET, NC
08/21/2001N.C. Budget impasse lingers 2a  BUDGET, NC
04/23/2001Education funding cuts likely, legislators say 1  BUDGET, NC
07/05/2001House, Senate to compromise on budget 1  BUDGET, NC
02/21/2001Editorial: Technological discount 10  BUDGET, NC
03/04/2003Education funding dominates address 1  BUDGET, NC
01/14/2003Town makes plans to spend surplus from state new tax 1  BUDGET, NC
09/24/2002Final Cuts To Budget Remain Uncertain 1  BUDGET, NC
04/16/2003Tuition hike included in House budget 1  BUDGET, NC
04/23/2001Students vow to fight budget cuts 3  BUDGET, NC
08/22/1996Editorial: [For a better budget] 12  BUDGET, NC
01/31/2001UNC System won't feel fund freeze 1  BUDGET, NC
01/10/2003State's finances could suffer under Bush's economic plan 2  BUDGET, NC
04/16/2003UNC system opposes budget 6  BUDGET, NC
09/17/2001Key playrs control budget process 3  BUDGET, NC
02/16/2001Online shopping aims to help state budget 2  BUDGET, NC
09/23/2002Balancing NC's Checkbook 10  BUDGET, NC
07/25/2002House Budget Proposal Leaves Hole 1  BUDGET, NC
02/26/2001Bonds, interest rates may help deficit 6  BUDGET, NC
08/28/1997General Assembly passes state budget 1  BUDGET, NC
07/11/2002Revenue Debate Stalls House Budget 1  BUDGET, NC
01/29/2003Editorial: Passing the gavel -- state legislators, bipartisan effort needed on budget 12  BUDGET, NC
01/29/1997Spangler says budget fight unlikely 1  BUDGET, NC
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