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07/03/2002Students Create Online Book Exchange Program 7  BOOK EXCHANGE
09/17/1968Building Boom At Carolina B10  BOOK EXCHANGE
09/22/1968Lines Termed 'Inevitable': Problems At Book Exchange 1  BOOK EXCHANGE
...Book Ex Making Some Ground In Aiding Students 2  BOOK EXCHANGE
12/06/1968Markup Of 95% Revealed In Book Exchange Survey 1  BOOK EXCHANGE
...Editorial Cartoon: 95% Mark-Up At Book-Ex 2  BOOK EXCHANGE
...95 Per Cent Markup: Is It Necessary? 2  BOOK EXCHANGE
12/07/1968Mark-Up Wrong - But 2  BOOK EXCHANGE
12/08/1968Book Ex Study Needed 2  BOOK EXCHANGE
09/16/1967The L-O-N-G Line 1  BOOK EXCHANGE
09/16/1961Editorial: Book Lines Aren't Necessary 2  BOOK EXCHANGE
12/02/1967Book Ex Profiteering Cuts Chase Sales 2  BOOK EXCHANGE
12/08/1967Book Ex Competition Is Healthy 2  BOOK EXCHANGE
01/31/1968Cartoon 2  BOOK EXCHANGE
02/02/1968Time and Motion Study Analyzes Flow Problem 1  BOOK EXCHANGE
03/07/1968Book Ex May Expand Line 1  BOOK EXCHANGE
04/23/1968Director Foresses Improved Book Ex 1  BOOK EXCHANGE
12/09/1938Book Exchange 1  BOOK EXCHANGE
12/16/1915UNC Book Exchange -- To save students $1500 by end of year 2  BOOK EXCHANGE
11/22/1963Committee Makes Study Of Book-X 1  BOOK EXCHANGE
10/02/1942Book Ex, from box start, hits big time at University 1  BOOK EXCHANGE
04/14/1961Orne Re-Elected To Post 3  US BOOK EXCHANGE
04/14/1962Dr. Orne To Direct US Book Exchange 3  US BOOK EXCHANGE
12/05/1968Why Not Wholesale Prices? 2  BOOK EXCHANGE, UNC
12/06/1968Markup Of 95% Revealed In Book Exchange Survey 1  BOOK EXCHANGE, UNC
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