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04/18/1980Four bomb threats; buildings evacuated 3  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
04/23/1980Students charged..get 2nd continuance 3  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
03/18/1980Bomb threat suspects revealed 1  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
04/26/1972Building security tightened 1  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
03/16/1978Ehringhaus cleared, bomb threat 1  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
12/03/1974Editorial: Bomb scares are selfish 8  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
11/05/1974Bomb threat disrupts High Noon... 1  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
04/09/1979Dorm, guy cleared for boom, no boom 1  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
11/01/1985Granville bomb threat..investigation 1  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
04/12/1979Imaginary explosive clears hall 1  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
03/13/1980Arrests made in bomb threat 1  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
09/15/1980Former students..bomb threat case 3  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
12/03/1976Bomb threat cannot foil UNC exams 1  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
11/30/1979Bomb threat wakens Morrison Dorm 3  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
10/26/1979Bomb threat cancels class 1  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
05/09/1970Homemade Bomb Shatters Window of Student Store 1  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
02/16/2009Bomb threat clears Pit 1  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
02/18/2009Ed: Alert Carolina failed 10  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
02/19/2009Threat was to professor 1  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
02/25/2009Rethinking alerts - Changes in response to concerns after bomb threat 1  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
04/27/2009Bomb threat affects UNC alert policies 8  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
07/16/200916-year-old arrested in bomb threat case 3  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
11/21/2014Student arrested after false bomb threat 1  BOMB THREATS (UNC)
08/29/2001Police begin inquiry into alleged bomb 1  BOMB THREATS, UNC
08/28/2001Bomb threat halts N. C. House session 1  BOMB THREATS, UNC
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