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09/12/1994BOG approves new interdisciplinary masters program 3  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
02/28/1997Democrats support new BOG seats 3  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
09/13/1996Long-awaited vice chancellor to be voted on today 1  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
10/05/2001Policy elimination dismays student leadears 3  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
02/14/2003Overhead receipt spending focus of BOG meeting 2  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
10/29/2001Former leaders voice opposition to BOG inquiry 1  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
04/14/1998Editorial: Good Catch 10  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
01/31/1997Editorial: [Learning to teach] 8  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
11/12/2002Officials: System Unlikely to Get Full Funds 1  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
04/08/1998BOG to focus on UNC Hospitals' budget 3  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
05/19/1994BOG Grants Indian Scholarship 3  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
04/21/1995BOG awards 16 UNC-system professors for teaching skills 3  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
10/15/1990BOG approves UNC system budget plan 3  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
04/24/1995Budget cuts protested by BOG 3  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
03/05/2002BOG may hear ASG plan for $1 student fee hike 1  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
08/18/1999[Editorial] Broad Shafts Students 16  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
03/15/1994BOG asks for heftier course loads 3  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
02/07/2000UNC students to stage kinder, gentler protest 1  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
02/14/2000BOG passes $600 hike; plan heads to state 1  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
02/12/1993The new domino theory 6  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
10/14/1973Board to discuss new med program (AHEC) 1  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
02/20/2002BOG begins more specific tuition talks 1  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
05/31/2001BOG: UNC needs more flexibility 1  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
10/14/1991BOG gives University budget flexibility 1  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
09/17/1996BOG questions its control of religious schools 3  BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BOG)
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