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09/18/1995Trustee Committee recommends tuition hike 1  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
08/21/2002New Trustee To Assume Post Sept. 25 1  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
11/30/1993Trustees ignored students' hard work on 24-hour policy (letter) 8  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
11/20/2001BOT delays commitment to landfill cleanup 3  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
09/25/1998BOT Plans for Enrollment Changes 1  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
10/05/2001Policy elimination dismays student leadears 3  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
10/02/1997SACBOT informed students of Trustees' campus meeting (letter) 16  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
11/13/2001Trustees set to form tuition committee 1  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
02/12/1979BOT to hear plan, athletic funds 1  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
09/22/1993BCC advisory board to prepare statement for BOT... 1  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
02/28/1994Editorial: An open letter to John Harris 8  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
09/20/1995Students ask trustees to delay 1  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
09/15/1995Spangler berates hike at N.C. State 1  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
02/12/1993The new domino theory 6  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
11/22/2002Trustees Defend Salary Decision 1  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
02/26/1997Proposed road could combat Smith Center traffic congestion 4  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
09/20/1973Holshouser speaks to BOT tonight 1  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
09/05/1989BOT elects chairman (Philips) 1  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
11/22/2002BOT Approves Revitalization Of Arts Corner 1  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
04/19/1993Hardin: Arrests should not sway trustees'... 1  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
02/26/2002Installing alternatives [Editorial] 10  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
10/14/1970Trustees Students' Last Hope 6  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
08/18/1997Wake manager selected as next BOT Chairman 3A  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
10/05/2001BOG loses power to Trustees 1  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
09/24/1993BCC site on agenda for BOT 1  BOARD(S) OF TRUSTEES (BOT)
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