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11/11/1993Students accept Coker site for BCC 1  BCC SITE
04/14/1993Students, faculty vie for Wilson site 1  BCC SITE
09/16/1993Build without delay... 12  BCC SITE
09/24/1993BCC site on agenda for BOT 1  BCC SITE
12/08/1993Campus Y endorses BCC but not. . . site (letter) 10  BCC SITE
05/27/1993Editorial: Patience is virtue 8  BCC SITE
04/28/1993OpEd: Center debate needs to quit moving circles 13  BCC SITE
12/01/1993Board OK's Coker Site for BCC 3  BCC SITE
04/13/1993Editorial: Hear ye, hear ye 8  BCC SITE
02/18/1993Coker-Bell Tower site not place for new buildings 8  BCC SITE
11/16/1993Chancellor must recognize students as mature adults (letter) 8  BCC SITE
04/22/1993Pastor anoints 'holy' Wilson site 1  BCC SITE
07/29/1993BOT approves BCC on Coker site 1  BCC SITE
09/09/1993Hardin, BOT show little concern about green space 14  BCC SITE
03/03/1993Site argument plagues BCC debate 1  BCC SITE
09/28/1993BCC should be constructed on best possible site 6  BCC SITE
06/17/1993Grounds committee to suggest BCC site soon 3  BCC SITE
09/27/1993BOT sticks to decision on Coker woods site 1  BCC SITE
10/11/1993Aerial anti-BCC protest circles football game 1  BCC SITE
09/28/1993Coker opponents say BCC debate not over 1  BCC SITE
03/04/1993Town, UNC regulations may protect Coker... 1  BCC SITE
03/02/1993BCC working group sends 2 sites to Hardin 1  BCC SITE
04/23/1993Editorial: On holy ground 8  BCC SITE
09/23/1993Coker woods a beneficial site for the BCC... 12  BCC SITE
09/01/1993Site may delay BCC fund raising 3  BCC SITE
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