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09/28/1994Toll-free Caroline number might cost students extra $2 3  BATTLE, GEORGE
02/09/1994Battle, Koonce to meet in run-off elections 1  BATTLE, GEORGE
11/11/1994Allen quits battle's cabinet 1  BATTLE, GEORGE
02/07/1994DTH shows bias for Battle with huge photo, article [letter] 9  BATTLE, GEORGE
11/07/1994Congress OKs Sarrat as a chief justice 3  BATTLE, GEORGE
10/27/1994Embattled cabinet members will keep their positions 1  BATTLE, GEORGE
03/23/1994Battle's transition team plans large administration 1  BATTLE, GEORGE
02/17/1994Editorial: Welcome, George 8  BATTLE, GEORGE
11/01/1994Finance committee to probe executive branch 1  BATTLE, GEORGE
04/21/1994Battle appoints 16 to cabinet posts 1  BATTLE, GEORGE
02/06/1995Review article full of errors about SBP George Battle [letter] 10  BATTLE, GEORGE
04/15/1994Editorial: The battle ends 12  BATTLE, GEORGE
02/02/1994Battle promises to reform government 2  BATTLE, GEORGE
08/29/1994Cabinet sets sights on productive school year 3  BATTLE, GEORGE
09/28/1994Jordan: recall is "personal vendetta" 1  BATTLE, GEORGE
08/22/1994Food Court Part of Lenoir Renovations 2B  BATTLE, GEORGE
12/05/1994Battle probably won't press ethics charges 3  BATTLE, GEORGE
02/02/1995Student Body President speaks at government forum in the pit 3  BATTLE, GEORGE
10/07/1994SBP vows to get Dervin reconfirmed 1  BATTLE, GEORGE
08/25/1994Student Government striving to improve servicesa 16  BATTLE, GEORGE
08/30/1994Ed: Cooperative cabinet 8  BATTLE, GEORGE
09/20/1994Recruitment bill legal, conner says 1  BATTLE, GEORGE
09/09/1994SBP proposes toll-free caroline number, unlimited transcripts 1  BATTLE, GEORGE
04/05/1994SBP-elect Battle earns respect of friends, foes 1  BATTLE, GEORGE
04/12/1994Battle's speech on judgment creates paradoxical points 8  BATTLE, GEORGE
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