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02/23/1973Ticket ordeal tortures diehards 1  BASKETBALL TICKETS
01/22/1998Fans ready with tents for Duke tickets 1  BASKETBALL TICKETS
09/01/2000Editorial: Smoke Sceen 12  BASKETBALL TICKETS
11/30/1987Editorial: Status, not loyalty.. 8  BASKETBALL TICKETS
08/21/2001Basketball ticket paln aims to curb cheating 3a  BASKETBALL TICKETS
09/27/1993Students get break under new ticket policy 2  BASKETBALL TICKETS
12/09/1988Op.Ed: CAA strives to improve... 15  BASKETBALL TICKETS
09/09/1991Students alread fouled out of SAC (letter) 8  BASKETBALL TICKETS
02/20/1980What happened to the long lines? 1  BASKETBALL TICKETS
04/19/1984Non-students have used band tickets 1  BASKETBALL TICKETS
02/27/1979CAA lobbies for ticket-distrib change 1  BASKETBALL TICKETS
10/07/1997Editorial: Take a number 12  BASKETBALL TICKETS
01/24/1989Editorial: Putting the 'S' back... 8  BASKETBALL TICKETS
04/22/1975Ticket system: objections? (letter) 6  BASKETBALL TICKETS
03/01/2001Graduate students fall in love with UNC too . . . [letter] 1  BASKETBALL TICKETS
11/23/1993Carolina Athletic Association forced unfair ticket choice (letter) 8  BASKETBALL TICKETS
01/11/1991Ticket distribution change (letter) 10  BASKETBALL TICKETS
01/09/1980Ticket crunch: Demand prompts proposal 1  BASKETBALL TICKETS
12/06/1993Staff Forum wants spot on Athletic Board 3  BASKETBALL TICKETS
12/07/1993Maryland tickest cut by 2,000 3  BASKETBALL TICKETS
01/29/1986CAA redesigns ticket policy 1  BASKETBALL TICKETS
09/05/1991Editorial: Students foul out 8  BASKETBALL TICKETS
01/30/1992Littering, line jumping prompt CAA . . . 1  BASKETBALL TICKETS
08/28/1989SAC adds 300 student seats 1  BASKETBALL TICKETS
10/18/1993Faculty council debates basketball ticket rules 1  BASKETBALL TICKETS
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