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03/15/1994Editorial: Congratulations, Tar Heels 10  BASKETBALL TEAM 1994
04/04/1994"Fire Dean Smith" writer doesn't understand game 9  BASKETBALL TEAM 1994
...Bandwagon fans reveal their hypocrisy in attacks 9  BASKETBALL TEAM 1994
03/21/1994Boston college shocks No.1 UNC 1  BASKETBALL TEAM 1994
04/27/1994Attacks on freshmen have no place in Smith defense [letter] 16  BASKETBALL TEAM 1994
03/16/1994Can UNC repeat? Huskies, Gators, Owls, and Flames should put some heat on defending NCAA champs 6  BASKETBALL TEAM 1994
04/21/1994Bandwagon fans are whining too much about NCAA loss [letter] 16  BASKETBALL TEAM 1994
03/14/1994UNC muscles past Virginia to snag tournament title 1  BASKETBALL TEAM 1994
10/10/1994UNC basketball fans to get taste of midnight madness earlier this year 1  BASKETBALL TEAM 1994
03/23/1994Tar Heel season filled with ups and downs 6  BASKETBALL TEAM 1994
04/06/1994Basketball's seniors deserve public applause, recognition 10  BASKETBALL TEAM 1994
04/05/1994Duke's a loser: Arkansas takes 1st title 1  DUKE BASKETBALL TEAM 1994
06/23/1994Smith Sinks 3-Pointer To Win Title 1B  WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, 1994
04/04/1994Sidewalk celebration follows UNC victory 3  WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, 1994
07/28/1994National Champions Greet Clinton 1  WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, 1994
03/31/1994Chapel Hill merchants and bars gear up for women's basketball final four date 3  WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, 1994
03/28/1994Sampson torches huskies for 30 1  WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, 1994
03/17/1994Round 1 romp: Tar Heels roll past eagles 1  WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, 1994
04/05/1994NCAA victory sparks sales of merchandise 1  WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, 1994
08/22/1994Clinton Hosts Women's Basketball Team at White House 10A  WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, 1994
03/16/19944th-ranked, 3rd seeded: UNC looks to silence NCAA doubters 7  WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, 1994
03/31/1994Women's basketball heads to Richmond to face Purdue 1  WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, 1994
03/28/1994UNC advances to 1st final four 1  WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, 1994
04/04/1994Smith dominates key stretch against Purdue 5  WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, 1994
04/08/1994Expectation to realization: UNC's championship run 6  WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, 1994
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