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04/06/1993How 'Bout them Heels! Smith claims 2nd... 1  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
04/28/1993Clinton honors National Champs 1  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
03/29/1993Lynch wills Tar Heels back into Final Four 12  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
04/27/1993National Champs on their way to White House 1  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
11/17/1993Senior forward Sullivan opts for redshirt season 1  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
03/30/1993Editorial: Oh, when the Heels go marching in 6  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
03/29/1993UNC marches to New Orleans 1  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
03/04/1993Bring your kazoos, spirit to duke...(letter) 8  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
03/01/1993Clinched !: Tar Heels top 'Noles, ACC with... 10  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
04/05/1993Bring on Micigan! 1  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
03/29/1993Van Exel cools in 2nd half as UNC forges... 12  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
04/13/1993Town council congratulates Tar Heels for... 3  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
04/01/1993And now a word from his highness, the Dean (letter) 10  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
04/07/1993Fans welcome back NCAA champs 1  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
04/05/1993Which Michigan will show up tonight? 14  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
03/22/1993Rhode Island just too small 10  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
04/05/1993Williams keys late Tar Heel surge 1  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
03/15/1993Phelps-less Tar Heels lose ACC final 10  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993
04/02/1993Tar Heels return to Superdome 1  BASKETBALL TEAM 1993