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07/06/1995ACC allows partial qualifiers; school decides who gets in 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
04/12/2000It's official: Haywood to stay at UNC 9  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
07/06/1995Graduation rates still high, hoops recruits' grades low 3  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
11/24/2003McCants shows off passing, defense 8  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
10/22/2003Editorial: Teaching Patience [men's basketball team] 10  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
03/18/2011UNC's march begins 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
03/30/2010NIT Loosens Up Tar Heels 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
01/11/2012Gale force win 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
03/01/2012A platinum performance 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
01/05/1963Tar Heels play at Notre Dame today 4  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
10/12/2012Late Night celebration 5  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
11/09/2012Lineup still not set for opener 6  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
01/09/2013No break for UNC basketball 20  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
01/11/2013Struggles continue for Tar Heels 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
01/22/2013Tearing up the Terrapins 10  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
02/13/2013Mismatch or not, the rivalry resumes 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
03/01/2013UNC uses first-half run to top Tigers 3  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
03/22/2013Will No. 8 UNC advance? 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
12/15/1963NCS's trees too tall for Tar Babies 4  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
07/04/2013UNC basketball's big men take over 5  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
12/07/1941White Phantoms Engage Powerful Hanes Hosiery At Twin City Tuesday 3  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
07/18/2013Johnson, Paige fight to gain strength 4  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
01/06/1942Cagers Show Much Promise In Holiday Battle Despite 33-28 Loss to St. Joseph 3  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
01/14/1942White Phantoms Crush Wake Forest, 51-30 3  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
01/16/1942Phantoms Invade Tigers' Lair Tonight 3  BASKETBALL TEAM, UNC
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