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04/04/2003Excessive input from players dangerous to UNC athletics (letter) 8  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
04/03/2003Provided storeis are trued Doherty got just desserts (letter) 14  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
...Evaluation process harmed UNC's reputation, class 14  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
03/17/2003Smith's legacy should not overshadow Doherty's job 6  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
04/03/2003Student will keep the good time with Doherty in mind (letter) 14  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
04/15/2003Roy Returns 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
02/28/2003May won't play again this season 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
04/04/2003Baddour should be fired as University athletics director (letter) 8  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
04/08/2003Doherty treatment betrays what University represents (letter) 12  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
04/16/2003Tar Heel fans welcome Williams 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
04/09/2003Trustee condemns media for handling of Doherty affair (letter) 12  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
04/03/2003The sereis of poor decisions weakens UNC athletics (letter) 14  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
...Editorial: A flagrant foul; The actions of UNC officials in the days leading to resignation 14  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
04/04/2003Doherty: Resignation was forced 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
03/31/2003Team awaits answers to Doherty question 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
04/03/2003Search under way for new coach 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
...Doherty dismissal undue blow to University's wallet (letter) 14  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
03/27/2003Editorial: Home-court edge [NIT) 14  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
04/01/2003Doherty, Baddour hold private meeting 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
02/25/2003Doherty: DTH cartoon unfairly criticizes Manuel's dedication 10  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
03/17/2003UNC Sputters out of ACC tourney 8  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
04/04/2003Doherty dismissed for poor coaching, teaching ability (letter) 8  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
04/16/2003Alumnus notes desire for a new basketball game chant (letter) 10  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
04/15/2003Williams' hiring pleases players 1  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
03/18/2003Seats remain for game tonight 7  BASKETBALL TEAM, 2003
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