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02/24/1997Students deserve own game not dominated by rich alumni 12  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
08/26/2002Students on the Bench 10  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
02/26/2001Doherty, men's basketball gain new 'Disciples' 3  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
08/23/2002Duke Game Falls on Spring Break 1  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
11/24/2003McCants shows off passing, defense 8  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
03/30/2010NIT Loosens Up Tar Heels 1  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
12/02/1962Tar Heels Win Opener Over Bulldogs, 89-65 4  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
11/30/2012Fever finds new home in Smith Center 4  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
03/01/2013UNC uses first-half run to top Tigers 3  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
12/03/1941Tar Heel-Generals Cage Game to Honor Naismith 3  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
12/10/1941Phantoms Bow to Hanes Hosiery Quint, 66-55 3  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
01/06/1942Cagers Show Much Promise In Holiday Battle Despite 33-28 Loss to St. Joseph 3  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
01/07/1942Fordham to Bring Crack Five To Meet Phantoms Saturday 3  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
01/12/1942White Phantoms Meet Deacons Tonight; Tar Babies Engage Wake Forest Frosh 3  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
01/15/1942White Phantom Cagers Face Road Trip with Confidence 3  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
01/16/1942Phantoms Invade Tigers' Lair Tonight 3  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
01/20/1942Phantoms Battle Red Terrors; Frosh Play Techlets Tonight 3  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
01/21/1942White Phantoms Trample State, 41-28 3  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
01/27/1942White Bantams Meet Deacons; Frosh Play Little Baptists 3  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
02/04/1942Phantoms Take Tight Battle From Davidson Quint, 45-38 3  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
02/07/1942Underdog Phantom Quint Meets Duke Tonight 1  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
02/08/1942White Phantoms Bow to Strong Blue Devil Quintet, 52-40 1  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
02/12/1942Glamack's Goodyear Team To Meet Phantoms 1  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
...White Phantoms Battle State Terrors; Frosh Meet Techlets 3  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
02/18/1942Glamack Leads Great Goodyear Team Against Underdog Phantoms Tonight 3  BASKETBALL GAMES, UNC
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