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01/23/1991Alum gave UNC bad image (letter) 10  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/23/1992Editorial: Seniors: Getting what they deserve 8  BASKETBALL GAMES
02/05/1992Give due credit for ticket distribution (letter) 8  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/16/1992One game day needed to reward students (letter) 8  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/23/1992Alum can't be blamed for wanting good seats (letter) 8  BASKETBALL GAMES
10/23/1985Fall games not in SAC 1  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/25/1995"Dean dome dorks" a blot on UNC basketball traditions [letter] 8  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/14/2004Men's basketball team, foes deserve more respect (letter) 8  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/29/2004Basketball ticket scalping on the rise 3  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/04/1962Editorial: Who's Off Base? 2  BASKETBALL GAMES
02/06/2012Jones guards Tar Heels' tunnel for 26th year 1  BASKETBALL GAMES
02/14/1963Unbeaten State Downs UNC Tankers By 53-42 4  BASKETBALL GAMES
11/30/2012Fever finds new home in Smith Center 4  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/29/2013UNC wins, bars cash in 1  BASKETBALL GAMES
12/03/1941Tar Heel-Generals Cage Game to Honor Naismith 3  BASKETBALL GAMES
12/09/1941Cagers Open Season Against Hanes Hosiery Tonight 3  BASKETBALL GAMES
12/10/1941Phantoms Bow to Hanes Hosiery Quint, 66-55 3  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/06/1942Cagers Show Much Promise In Holiday Battle Despite 33-28 Loss to St. Joseph 3  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/07/1942Fordham to Bring Crack Five To Meet Phantoms Saturday 3  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/10/1942White Phantoms Face Fordham Cagers Tonight 3  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/11/1942White Phantoms Rout Rams In Upset, 34-25 1  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/18/1942Gamecocks Throttle Phantoms, 38-36 3  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/20/1942Phantoms Battle Red Terrors; Frosh Play Techlets Tonight 3  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/21/1942White Phantoms Trample State, 41-28 3  BASKETBALL GAMES
01/22/1942Phantoms Are Surprise Team of Conference In First Month's Play 3  BASKETBALL GAMES
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