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03/02/2001Editorial: False Gods . . . Is Matt Doherty a great asset. . . 12  BASKETBALL, UNC
02/28/1996Follow Hooker's Example: Stand Up at Basketball Games [letter] 8  BASKETBALL, UNC
03/02/2001Boys on the ball 3  BASKETBALL, UNC
03/04/1997Editorial: [Hoop dreams] 10  BASKETBALL, UNC
02/27/1976Op.Ed: Fans inconsiderate 6  BASKETBALL, UNC
11/24/2003McCants shows off passing, defense 8  BASKETBALL, UNC
...McCants shows off passing, defense 8  BASKETBALL, UNC
01/06/2004Williams accepts 2nd chance at UNC 2  BASKETBALL, UNC
01/12/2004UNC fans urged to 'Turn it Blue' 4  BASKETBALL, UNC
01/14/2004Men's basketball team, foes deserve more respect (letter) 8  BASKETBALL, UNC
01/22/2004May looks to rebound from recent struggles 13  BASKETBALL, UNC
06/17/2004Williams rethinks recruiting 2  BASKETBALL, UNC
08/25/2004Late Night held over break 3  BASKETBALL, UNC
03/21/2011Dancing into Newark 1  BASKETBALL, UNC
04/07/2011Back for more: Zeller and Henson to return 1  BASKETBALL, UNC
02/15/2010100 years of basketball legacy 1  BASKETBALL, UNC
02/21/1963Tar Heels Down Va. 85-73 4  BASKETBALL, UNC
10/12/2012Late Night celebration 5  BASKETBALL, UNC
...Ex-Tar Heel hopes to embody Dean Smith 6  BASKETBALL, UNC
04/09/1963Letter: UNC Should Set Standards 2  BASKETBALL, UNC
11/09/2012Lineup still not set for opener 6  BASKETBALL, UNC
01/09/2013No break for UNC basketball 20  BASKETBALL, UNC
03/01/2013UNC uses first-half run to top Tigers 3  BASKETBALL, UNC
07/04/2013UNC basketball's big men take over 5  BASKETBALL, UNC
11/26/1941Cagers Rush Preparations for Opening Battle of Season Against Hanes Quint 3  BASKETBALL, UNC
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