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10/14/1994Self-study highlights differences in men's, women's athletics 3  BASKETBALL, MENS
01/12/2004UNC fans urged to 'Turn it Blue' 4  BASKETBALL, MENS
10/08/2010Will Graves dismissed from team 1  BASKETBALL, MENS
03/21/2011Dancing into Newark 1  BASKETBALL, MENS
03/18/2011UNC's march begins 1  BASKETBALL, MENS
03/23/2011Strickland valued by team 3  BASKETBALL, MENS
03/02/2011UNC takes win streak to FSU 1  BASKETBALL, MENS
03/28/2011A dream deferred: Kentucky knocks out UNC, 76-69 1  BASKETBALL, MENS
04/07/2011Back for more: Zeller and Henson to return 1  BASKETBALL, MENS
11/14/2011UNC sinks Michigan State 1  BASKETBALL, MENS
03/03/2010Scalper's feel team's blues 1  BASKETBALL, MENS
01/09/2013No break for UNC basketball 20  BASKETBALL, MENS
...Unc falls in ACC opener 20  BASKETBALL, MENS
07/18/2013Johnson, Paige fight to gain strength 4  BASKETBALL, MENS
01/15/1942White Phantom Cagers Face Road Trip with Confidence 3  BASKETBALL, MENS
02/17/1942Loop Cage Teams Enter Home Stretch in Battle For Tournament Places 3  BASKETBALL, MENS
11/11/2013McAdoo mangles Grizzlies 8  BASKETBALL, MENS
08/16/2008Starting five hoopsters return 32  BASKETBALL, MENS
11/18/2013Mann, Belmont upset No. 12 UNC at home 1  BASKETBALL, MENS
11/25/2012Let the Cards Fall 1  BASKETBALL, MENS
12/02/2013Blazers smoke North Carolina 1  BASKETBALL, MENS
...Tokoto lone bright spot in UNC's loss 12  BASKETBALL, MENS
10/31/2008Hansbrough out indefinitely 1  BASKETBALL, MENS
02/04/2014Coach Roy Williams' love of coaching spreads to his pupils 1  BASKETBALL, MENS
02/05/2014Tar Heels bid Maryland an ACC goodbye 1  BASKETBALL, MENS
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