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07/21/1994Bar Owners Welcome New Alcohol Law 1  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
11/14/1995New Bar to Offer Excitement, Cheap Alcohol 3  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
03/24/19992 Bar Cited for Serving Teen 1  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
07/12/2001Dance club could open in August 1  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
08/30/1994Police cite bars for overcrowding 1  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
04/07/2000Tradition on tap: Behind the smoke and kegs 1  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
03/18/1994Stricter alcohol regulations proposed to target bars, underage consumption 1  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
04/07/2000Owners: Good name can equal success 1  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
06/04/1992Liquor laws force changes in downton Chapel Hill 2  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
03/02/1999Bars Abound in Chapel Hill 4  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
08/21/2001Local 506 faces change 11a  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
09/03/2003Editorial: One step forward 10  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
11/13/2003Establishments reopen despite $90K tax debt 3  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
10/10/2003Council takes teeth out of ordinance to save business 3  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
02/20/2004Op.Ed: Homeric quest through local bar scene yields few results 10  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
06/25/2004Scene rich with legendary spots 16  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
...The Hill's top watering holes 18  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
11/01/2004Budweiser trots into town 10  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
10/06/2010All in your Business - Kinetex Health Club, 157 East, Studio 1, L'incontro Restaurant 3  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
01/24/2011Bartender crackdown: January sees more citations than in all of 2009 1  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
09/06/2011No booze, no boys, less business 3  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
11/26/2012Then Thrill renovates after being condemned 1  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
01/29/2013UNC wins, bars cash in 1  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
09/04/2013Steel String Brewery raises money to install an outside patio 1  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
01/14/2009Bar getting the Hell out of Rosemary Street 1  BARS, CHAPEL HILL
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