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04/10/2003Law faculty stand by former colleague Baddour (letter) 14  BADDOUR, RICHARD
08/18/1997Insider Baddour takes over AD job 1A  BADDOUR, RICHARD
08/17/1998Athletics director strikes out with 'resignation' of former baseball coach 11A  BADDOUR, RICHARD
04/11/2003Faculty refute public criticism of Baddour 7  BADDOUR, RICHARD
04/04/2003Baddour should be fired as University athletics director (letter) 8  BADDOUR, RICHARD
02/10/1999Conflicting Stories Arise From Kent Cancellation 10  BADDOUR, RICHARD
02/08/2000Baddour calls seating summit 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
07/03/1997New UNC athletics director boasts administrative talents 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
04/03/2003Search under way for new coach 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
04/07/2003OpEd: Bunting could be next victim 14  BADDOUR, RICHARD
02/22/2002UNC stadium might boast video screen 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
04/01/2003Doherty, Baddour hold private meeting 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
02/21/2000Op.Ed: Baddour wants ideas to honor pacts. . . 11  BADDOUR, RICHARD
04/02/2003Criticism of Baddour by UNC alums justified 7  BADDOUR, RICHARD
10/31/1997Baddour, Smith to discuss Nike involvement with students 3  BADDOUR, RICHARD
04/16/2003Alumnus notes desire for a new basketball game chant (letter) 10  BADDOUR, RICHARD
11/02/1999Baddour Toughs Out Torbush Questioning  BADDOUR, RICHARD
02/10/2000Students, official talk seats 3  BADDOUR, RICHARD
02/25/2002Officials hope donors will fund new video board 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
02/02/1998Ticket faux spark call for change 3  BADDOUR, RICHARD
06/26/1997Panel taps Baddour as athletics director 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
04/09/2003Faculty member applauds Baddour's job performance 12  BADDOUR, RICHARD
12/08/2003Turmoil and Transition 7  BADDOUR, RICHARD
09/09/2003Baddour opposes efforts to alter revenue distribution 10  BADDOUR, RICHARD
01/06/2004Williams accepts 2nd chance at UNC 2  BADDOUR, RICHARD
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