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09/17/1971Restructuring backed, former chancellor 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
10/30/1990Lifetime achievement recipients named 3  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
09/26/1959Chancellor announces promotions 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
09/30/1959Aycock asks 'How big' in faculty talk 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
09/26/1959Chancellor Announces Promotions 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
10/21/1959Looking Around And Ahead 2  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
10/22/1959Aycock Says Student Union Has Priority 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
...Looking Around And Forward 2  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
...S. Building Statements 4  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
11/20/19595 New Building Sites Listed By Aycock 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
03/02/1960Chancellor To Speak, Give Jamboree Awards 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
05/11/196012 New Instructors To Join UNC Faculty, Chancellor Aycock Says 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
10/28/1960Athletic Ruling Goes To NCAA Group: UNC Action On Irregularities Delayed; N. C. State Removed From Probation 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
11/15/1960Chancellor Okays Jim Hickey: Aycock Voices Firm Intentions 4  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
11/29/1960A Move In The Right Direction 2  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
12/08/1960Aycock Still 'Hopeful' For Building OK 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
01/11/1961NCAA Hands Carolina One Year Probation Ruling: Violations Cause Of Council Verdict 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
...Text Of Council's Resolution 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
02/19/1961Ground Broken For Public Health Wing 3  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
03/16/1961Aycock Stresses Salaries-Union 4  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
04/29/1961At Last, At Long, Long Last . . . Good News From South Building 2  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
05/04/1961Aycock Puts Doug Moe On Indefinite Suspension: Council Says Player's Case Not A Violation 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
05/05/1961Harriss Clarifies Case: President Defends Acquittal Of Moe 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
...Student Poll Against Moe Suspension: Council Action Favored 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
...Complete Statement On Moe Is Released 1  AYCOCK, WILLIAM B.
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