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10/10/1973Residents, housekeeping clash 1  AVERY DORMITORY
01/31/1979Snackbar at Avery to re-open 3  AVERY DORMITORY
11/13/1973Editorial: Avery service helpful for all 6  AVERY DORMITORY
01/21/1975Teague & Avery battle in intramurals 5  AVERY DORMITORY
10/28/1971Coffeehouse opens today in Avery 2  AVERY DORMITORY
10/26/1977Avery case to remain closed 1  AVERY DORMITORY
10/21/1977Horton..Avery incident not closed case 1  AVERY DORMITORY
11/09/1973Chancellor visits Avery dormitory 1  AVERY DORMITORY
02/02/1979James dweller advises Avery (letter) 8  AVERY DORMITORY
02/25/1972Avery council opposes SG reorganization 4  AVERY DORMITORY
01/31/1979Avery sex-change plans likely-Boulton 1  AVERY DORMITORY
04/19/1979Three dorms vote to leave Morehead 1  AVERY DORMITORY
02/02/1979Committee for Avery planned 1  AVERY DORMITORY
10/17/1977No charges coming in `Avery incident'... 1  AVERY DORMITORY
02/07/1979Scott College to study Avery changes 3  AVERY DORMITORY
11/12/1973Avery resumes 'locator' 1  AVERY DORMITORY
11/09/1978Avery snack bar opening sought 3  AVERY DORMITORY
04/22/1974Avery receives top honors, 3rd year 1  AVERY DORMITORY
03/30/1972A reason to live in dorms'/Avery 1  AVERY DORMITORY
02/13/1973Avery without any hot water (letter) 6  AVERY DORMITORY
09/07/2010Avery resisdents return to dormitory after flooding 1  AVERY DORMITORY
09/08/2008Many dorms contain asbestos 1  AVERY DORMITORY
09/05/2014Asbestos present in campus building 1  AVERY DORMITORY