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06/22/1995New internal auditor to be announced soon 3a  AUDITORS, UNC
09/06/1994Address audit puzzles 10  AUDITORS, UNC
01/06/1995UNC replaces auditor who failed to file reports 6  AUDITORS, UNC
08/31/1994University taking action after state auditor's report 8  AUDITORS, UNC
01/10/1995New UNC interim auditor hired after first takes Blue Cross job 1  AUDITORS, UNC
08/23/1995Audit director chosen after six-month search 7A  AUDITORS, UNC
08/21/1995New internal auditor is selected bringing 6-month search to a close 4A  AUDITORS, UNC
09/06/1994Auditor requests new assignments 1  AUDITORS, UNC
05/25/1995New internal auditor to be picked by Hardin soon 2  AUDITORS, UNC
08/30/1994Hardin: audit reporting guidelines unclear 1  AUDITORS, UNC
01/11/1995Ed: Why wait? 10  AUDITORS, UNC
08/31/1994Future audits to examine UNC more closely 1A  AUDITORS, UNC
09/09/1994Financial disasters at UNC masked by reassignment 8  AUDITORS, UNC
08/30/1994Ed: Overseee, don't overlok 8  AUDITORS, UNC
10/07/1994Parking records missing, according to audit's finding 1  AUDITORS, UNC
02/21/1995Auditor search may start in march 3  AUDITORS, UNC
01/18/1995Audotor search committee assembling 1  AUDITORS, UNC
09/08/1994Customer service ethicd contributed to audit problem)letter) 12  AUDITORS, UNC
04/19/2000Editorial: Money matters 14  AUDITORS, UNC-CH
09/12/2012Hansbrough spurs questions 1  AUDITORS, UNC-CH