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02/03/1976The 'direction' of UNC athletics 6  ATHLETICS (UNC)
12/12/1970Athletic standards upheld 3  ATHLETICS (UNC)
11/17/1971Local AAUP to investigate athletics 1  ATHLETICS (UNC)
10/13/1972Op.Ed: Thoughts on UNC's athletic racism 8  ATHLETICS (UNC)
02/13/1976Athletics still largely for males 1  ATHLETICS (UNC)
07/10/1975Journalists tackle athletic myth 6  ATHLETICS (UNC)
10/25/1971UNC panel to discuss football 1  ATHLETICS (UNC)
10/29/1971Study of athletic policy needed (letter) 8  ATHLETICS (UNC)
04/18/1972Athletic committee unjustly. . .(letter) 6  ATHLETICS (UNC)
03/08/1974End sexism in athletics (letter) 3  ATHLETICS (UNC)
04/14/ consider athletic report 1  ATHLETICS (UNC)
04/17/1972Editorial: Athletic report ignores. . . 6  ATHLETICS (UNC)
12/10/1971UNC active in holiday athletics 1  ATHLETICS (UNC)
10/30/19713 serve on panel as academics prevail 1  ATHLETICS (UNC)
12/01/1971Athletics not in business of...(letter) 6  ATHLETICS (UNC)
09/08/2003Faculty grills athletics panel 1  ATHLETICS (UNC)
09/20/1959Athletic Participation 2  ATHLETICS (UNC)
05/23/1895Reports of the Charges Made by Murray M. McGuire Against UNC 1  ATHLETICS (UNC)
...Editorial: Murray M. McGuire 2  ATHLETICS (UNC)
11/03/2011Baddour defends athletics 1  ATHLETICS (UNC)
09/19/1896The Gymnasium 3  ATHLETICS (UNC)
01/11/2012University Title IX self-study could bring changes 7  ATHLETICS (UNC)
02/05/2010Ed: Armed and dangerous 12  ATHLETICS (UNC)
09/24/1897Editorial: A Mistaken policy - UNC athletics and interaction with the state's preparatory or high schools 2  ATHLETICS (UNC)
02/29/2012Panelists discuss college sports reform 1  ATHLETICS (UNC)
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