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12/12/1970Athletic standards upheld 3  ATHLETICS (ACADEMICS)
12/14/1970League's compromise accomplishes nothing 6  ATHLETICS (ACADEMICS)
09/08/2003Faculty grills athletics panel 1  ATHLETICS (ACADEMICS)
05/23/1895Editorial: Murray M. McGuire 2  ATHLETICS (ACADEMICS)
11/03/2010Committe talks graduation rates 9  ATHLETICS (ACADEMICS)
04/27/2010Ed: Put the money on the table 9  ATHLETICS (ACADEMICS)
02/29/2012Panelists discuss college sports reform 1  ATHLETICS (ACADEMICS)
03/27/1963Letter: Some More Questions 2  ATHLETICS (ACADEMICS)
04/25/2013Ed: Do your job, Holden 10  ATHLETICS (ACADEMICS)
10/11/2013Bill Friday's legacy lasts a year later 1  ATHLETICS (ACADEMICS)
01/14/2014Some faculty call for more transparency 1  ATHLETICS (ACADEMICS)
01/15/2014Willingham shares data with officials 1  ATHLETICS (ACADEMICS)
02/07/2014Black Caucus responds to athletic scandal 3  ATHLETICS (ACADEMICS)
02/24/1983Officials..athletics..before academics 9  ATHLETICS/ACADEMICS
02/02/1988Faculty panel meets to examine purpose 1  ATHLETICS/ACADEMICS
02/28/1985Academics vs athletics: neither has... 1  ATHLETICS/ACADEMICS
10/31/1984Academics vs athletics 1  ATHLETICS/ACADEMICS
12/05/1984Fordham, Smith..push frosh ineligiblity 1  ATHLETICS/ACADEMICS
01/25/1988Op.Ed: Athletic...retains integrity 10  ATHLETICS/ACADEMICS
09/10/2004Athletics have little impact on applicants 3  ATHLETICS/ACADEMICS
06/30/2011UNC reviews athletic support 1  ATHLETICS/ACADEMICS
02/20/2012Faculty members urge UNC to review athletics 3  ATHLETICS/ACADEMICS
03/27/1963Letter: Academic Freedom, For The Right Only? 2  ATHLETICS/ACADEMICS
...Letter: Some More Questions 2  ATHLETICS/ACADEMICS
10/16/2012System schools discount clustering 1  ATHLETICS/ACADEMICS
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