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02/02/1993Editorial: To the victor goes the spoilage 8  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
03/10/1992Audit examines athletic officials 1  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
02/19/1981Athletics feeling inflation crunch 1  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
02/09/1979SBP to propose Athletic funds shift 1  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
07/29/1993UNC-Nike agreement still not a done deal 7  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
11/16/1984UNC takes soft approach..recruitment 1  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
10/19/1984Low funding limits non-revenue... 1  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
12/05/1980Council passes athletic fee hike 1  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
03/27/1991Department expect finish within budget 3  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
09/28/1984..$1.4 million ..development center 1  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
10/13/1972Op.Ed: Thoughts on UNC's athletic racism 8  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
10/30/1975Athletic budget increased 5  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
10/12/1992'Unaccountable' Athletic Dept. disappoints (letter) 8  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
11/02/1984Carolina's athletes: life behind... 1  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
12/08/1993Editorial: Extending Bowl Benefits 10  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
04/14/1994Editorial: A seasonal idea 14  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
11/29/1972The athletic money confusion 4  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
10/10/1984Athletes get Fall Break 'break' 1  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
10/26/1984UNC athletic facilities...... 1  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
09/28/1984Athletic Dept. profits under Swofford 1  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
10/26/1995Athletics official reports $16,000 gift to CAA; congress to investigate 1  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
12/03/1980Increase in athletic fee proposed 1  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
08/25/1980Scandal concerns officials at UNC... 3b  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
10/27/1992Editorial: Lofty goals and a plan that holds water 8  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
10/10/1975Athletic Dept...simplified budget 1  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
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