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11/01/1989N.C. profs group seeks say in athletics 1  ATHLETES (UNC SYSTEM)
11/01/1990UNC-system officials discuss mandatory 3  ATHLETES (UNC SYSTEM)
01/10/2014Officials dispute athlete statistics 1  ATHLETES (UNC SYSTEM)
05/22/2014Workers union opens door to athletes 1  ATHLETES (UNC SYSTEM)
09/23/2014Social media policies criticized 1  ATHLETES (UNC SYSTEM)
02/17/1982The trainer: ...keeps Heels healthy 5  ATHLETES (UNC)
10/31/1990UNC athletes play vital role (graphs) 7  ATHLETES (UNC)
08/30/1990Editorial: Going overboard 22a  ATHLETES (UNC)
10/29/1970800 OR 1.6: Student Athletes or ... 6  ATHLETES (UNC)
04/16/1980Athletes don't like, 'dumb jock' image 5  ATHLETES (UNC)
02/08/1990More frosh exceptions 1  ATHLETES (UNC)
12/06/1990Editorial: A win for academics (Bowl) 8  ATHLETES (UNC)
01/17/1991Sports teams evaluate role with war 4  ATHLETES (UNC)
02/24/1983Officials..athletics..before academics 9  ATHLETES (UNC)
03/20/1991Study:schools need to control athletics 1  ATHLETES (UNC)
02/06/1976Athletes in academics 1  ATHLETES (UNC)
10/22/1990Non-revenue sports promote UNC (chart) 1  ATHLETES (UNC)
02/05/1976Athletes receive slight breaks 1  ATHLETES (UNC)
02/14/1991UNC 1st in system's athlete graduation 1  ATHLETES (UNC)
11/29/1984Money options extended for athletes 1  ATHLETES (UNC)
02/12/1990Faculty favors reforms 1  ATHLETES (UNC)
10/15/1976Athletes' fraternity chartered 1  ATHLETES (UNC)
01/20/1981Admissions: UNC prevents abuses 6  ATHLETES (UNC)
03/07/1991Op.Ed: UNC must keep athletic exception 7  ATHLETES (UNC)
10/13/1978Phillips to propose axing Store grants 1  ATHLETES (UNC)
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