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10/11/1972Assaults still a problem 1  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
01/23/1992Coach Smith's wife 1 of 5 assault victims 3  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
10/02/20014 arrested in assault on 2 UNC students 3  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
11/24/2003Man sought in connection with assault of officer 3  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
04/05/2004UNC student arrested, charged with felony assault 3  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
09/23/2004Chapel Hill man arrested, charged with assault 3  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
10/05/2004Police still seek perpetrator in Rosemary Street assault 3  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
12/08/2009Woman reports kidnap, assault 3  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
10/12/2011Ed: The comfort to report 12  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
12/08/1938Sheriff halds man-hunt for Negro attacker - search sus[ened pending further information 1  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
12/09/1938Negroes held in Durham jail for investigation 1  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
03/20/2012Assault added to Alert Carolina 1  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
11/13/1962Assault records show local trends 1  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
11/26/2012Woman says police doubt assault story 1  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
03/28/2013Leaders stress steps forward on assault 1  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
09/17/2013Warrants issued in SECU assault 1  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
09/07/2007Alderman headed to court 1  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
03/25/2014Armed man involuntarily committed 1  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
04/22/2014Lewis, knife assault cases still open 1  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL
09/30/2014Assault victim says police mishandled case 1  ASSAULTS, CHAPEL HILL