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09/21/1988State plans to build arts center 1  ARTS CENTER
11/25/1997Arts center planners to invite local input 1  ARTS CENTER
04/17/2002ArtsCenter's tighter budget streamlines concert series, staff 3  ARTS CENTER
10/08/2003Monks bring quiet blessing 3  ARTS CENTER
09/21/2011Pauper Players make a move 3  ARTS CENTER
10/13/2011Donors keep arts afloat 1  ARTS CENTER
08/23/2011UNC offers students a vast array of art 13  ARTS CENTER
08/23/2010County gets $7.4 million in arts grants 15  ARTS CENTER
03/19/2012Human rights take center stage 1  ARTS CENTER
03/21/2013Q&A with MFA weaving artist 3  ARTS CENTER
09/17/2013Art businesses see profits 1  ARTS CENTER
01/22/2015Carrboro eyes new arts center 1  ARTS CENTER
02/20/2015BOA halts plans for arts center 3  ARTS CENTER
11/25/1997Editorial: Concert-ed effort 10  PERFORMING ARTS CENTER
08/20/1997Hooker proposes new center for performing arts near UNC 3  PERFORMING ARTS CENTER
01/15/1998UNC performing arts center wise investment for future (letter) 12  PERFORMING ARTS CENTER
11/24/1997Performing arts center placed on back burner 1  PERFORMING ARTS CENTER
07/21/2011CPA gets $750,00 for ballet project 1  PERFORMING ARTS CENTER
08/20/2012'Rite of Spring' series to feature 12 new works 3  PERFORMING ARTS CENTER
09/21/2012Carolina Performing Arts set to sell out 15 shows 3  PERFORMING ARTS CENTER
09/28/2012Ed: Promoting the arts 12  PERFORMING ARTS CENTER
11/20/2012Ticket revenue inspected by SBI 1  PERFORMING ARTS CENTER
04/03/2008CPA is envy of other campuses 1  PERFORMING ARTS CENTER