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11/27/1989Op.Ed: Stop belittling...concerns 8  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
...Protests planned 1  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
03/18/1977Editorial: Williamson a good choice 8  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
02/25/1974Committee cites Gaskins actions 1  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
08/31/1971Undergrad schools under Dean Dawson 5  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
07/10/1997Oregon dean nominated to head Arts and Sciences 1  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
12/06/1989Students protest at BOT meeting 1  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
11/17/1989Hardin to back reappointment 1  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
03/16/1977Williamson revealed as final nominee 1  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
01/19/1990Cell receives 5-year reappointment 1  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
03/15/1977Chancellor says nomination to one 1  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
02/22/1974Students off of board on 4-course load 1  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
04/13/1977Editorial: Dean offers new goals 8  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
04/01/1991Cell:UNC must prioritize areas...crisis 1  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
11/29/1989Letters (Faculty) supporting Cell 10  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
12/08/1989Op.Ed: Joint positions/Black Ph.Ds 13  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
04/08/1991Cell leaving UNC for Pa. college's... 1  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
08/29/1972Gaskins, James new Arts & Sciences dean 5  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
06/06/1991Nelson selected as interim vice chancellor 3  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
11/17/1989Editorial: Cell deserves position 8  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
11/02/1976Editorial: Students ignored (search) 6  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
07/10/2003Arts and sciences dean to come from faculty 1  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
09/18/2003Forums offer criteria for new dean 3  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
08/21/2007New dean brushes up on arts 3  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
03/18/2009UNC search vets UMass dean 3  ARTS & SCIENCES (DEANS)
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