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04/07/1994Fashion show axed from Apple Chill 1  APPLE CHILL
09/04/2002Resident Seeks End to Festival 1  APPLE CHILL
05/02/2000Apple Chill: More folks, less worry 2  APPLE CHILL
04/18/1974Apple Chill starts 1  APPLE CHILL
04/21/1995Annual fete set for FRANKLIN STREET 3  APPLE CHILL
04/20/1993Police suspect gangs in Sunday shootings 1  APPLE CHILL
04/11/1994Apple chill events draw 30,000 downtown 3  APPLE CHILL
01/17/2003Group to consider Apple Chill's future 4  APPLE CHILL
04/19/1993At least 2 people shot in 'small riot' 1  APPLE CHILL
04/12/1974An Apple Chill is in the Air 1  APPLE CHILL
04/26/1972Apple Chill has arrived 3  APPLE CHILL
10/07/2002Town to Evaluate Apple Chill Setup 4  APPLE CHILL
04/20/1973For fun and festivities 1  APPLE CHILL
10/09/2002Street Festival Future to Be Studied 3  APPLE CHILL
04/19/2002Apple Chill expands, includes UNC presence 3  APPLE CHILL
04/11/1994Editorial: A little understanding 10  APPLE CHILL
04/19/1991Apple Chill to pack Franklin St. 3  APPLE CHILL
04/24/1973There was a fair we called... 1  APPLE CHILL
04/24/1972Editorial: Celebrate spring...fair 8  APPLE CHILL
04/24/1992Weekend festivals offer breaks from exam stress 3  APPLE CHILL
04/15/1988Festival in the street for locals 1  APPLE CHILL
04/18/1988Apple Chill offers visitors great.. 1  APPLE CHILL
09/09/2003Chapel Hill may be taking on After Chill 3  APPLE CHILL
03/31/2004Greater student presence at next Apple Chill desired (letter) 10  APPLE CHILL
04/14/2004Town event embraces 'After Chill' 3  APPLE CHILL
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