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02/03/2003Anti-war groups assemble in Greensboro 3  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
03/05/2003Students to stage walkout 3  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
03/06/2003Semi-naked protesters fail to see valid points (letter) 14  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
01/14/2003Activists pitch campt in opposition to war 1  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
03/05/2003Anti-war protesters exercise right to bare 1  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
03/04/2003Education takes priority over classroom walkout to protest Iraq conflict (letter) 8  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
01/17/2003 1  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
01/13/2003Protesters prepare for anti-war rally in capital 1  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
01/31/2003Meeting assembles local anti-war groups 3  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
02/25/2003Anti-war protest during game meant to reach new audience (letter) 10  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
02/07/20032 students arrested at war protest 1  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
03/25/200350 gather for contemplative vigil 3  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
01/13/2003Citizen asks town council to oppose war with Iraq 4  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
01/21/2003Calls for peace fill U.S. capital 1  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
02/21/2003Anti-war propanganda misleading students (letter) 8  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
02/14/2003UNC police cite 4 protesters for rushing court 1  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
01/22/2003Anti-war protesters fail to get arrested in Raleigh 1  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
02/10/2003War with Iraq prompts revival of protests 1  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
01/15/2003Council puts off anti-war petition 3  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
03/21/2003300 protesters invade downtown 1  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
02/17/2003Opinions clash at anti-war rally 1  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
03/06/2003Students protest Iraq war by skipping classes 3  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
02/11/2003Town stops short of condemning war with Iraq 3  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
01/24/2003Open anti-war letter gains support at UNC 2  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
02/19/2003Editorial: Shortsighted tactics -- anti-war protesters damaged their cause . . . 8  ANTI-WAR RALLIES
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