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05/04/19717,000 arrested in Washington 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
...Thousands came to D.C. 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
09/08/2003Protesters blast Patriot Ace 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
01/15/2004Letter: Other people affected by protest are being ignored 10  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
...Letter: UNC damages reputation by prosecuting protester 10  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
01/06/2004300 protesters invade Franklin Street 3  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
09/23/1969Class Moratorium Plans Laid 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
03/20/1970April Fast For Peace: Hopelessness And Action 2  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
04/19/1970Weekend Moratorium Fell Far Short Of Expectations 2  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
05/06/1970Student Body To Meet Today At 1 PM: 2,000 Students Protest War With Tuesday Rally 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
05/07/1970Thousands Rally, March to Protest Kent State Deaths, Indochina War 'On Strike, Shut It Down' Cry Of Marching Students 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
...Professors Grant Amnesty Number May Reach Hundreds 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
...3000 March By Night To Sitterson's, Friday's 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
...Bello: 'Today We Begin To Live The Dream' 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
...Faculty Must Join In Strike 2  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
05/08/1970Striking Students Have Choice For Final Grades 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
...Strike Meetings Continue 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
...YRC Says UNC Strike 'Meaningless' 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
...Moreheads Sign Petition 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
...Stike Brings Confusion But Needs Thinking Out 2  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
05/09/19708,000 Students Rally At State Capitol Scott Fails To Rescind Support of Nixon Policy 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
...Friday: UNC Acting Responsibly 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
...Editorial: We Are Angry Too 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
03/13/1968Cartoon: "I'm getting sick of coming..." 2  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
03/27/1968Demonstrators Found Guilty 1  ANTI-WAR PROTEST
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