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11/24/1986Op.Ed: Avoid non-interference 10  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
03/25/1986Group stages...drama 1  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
10/20/1986Students protest during ceremony 1  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
09/10/1985Group stages vigil to protest... 1  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
11/20/1985Op.Ed: Invest to end apartheid.. 8  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
03/19/1986Group builds shantytown 1  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
04/17/1987Student/teacher debate issue 1  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
10/14/1985Speakers condemn apartheid 1  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
04/06/1987Rally against apartheid 1  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
11/18/1986Shanty goes up for divestment 1  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
03/19/1986Editorial: Protest loses its force 8  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
10/20/1986Editorial: Protest lacks..(inaguration) 1  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
10/14/1987Candlelight vigil to protest injustice  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
03/23/1986Op.Ed: Shanties help build..involvement 6  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
07/10/1986Op.Ed: Protesters underestimate Red.. 13  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
09/16/1985Symposium addresses apartheid 3  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
09/10/1985Cards condemn policy 1  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
11/18/1986Professors back anti-apartheid group 1  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
11/26/1985Op.Ed: Apartheid arguments unrealistic 6  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
11/13/1984Anti-apartheid: UNC students continue... 1  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
10/14/1987Student vigil denounces apartheid  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
11/11/1986Editorial: Continue...(Mandela speech) 8  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
04/04/1986Shanty dwellers vow to stay 1  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
10/15/1985Activism targets apartheid, divestment 1  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
04/07/1987Editorial:Rally..white support BSM 8  ANTI-APARTHEID (UNC)
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