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04/21/1989Petition, for research education agency 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
11/07/1989Animal research facts available(letter) 10  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
01/24/1990Focus:Ethics in experimentation(charts) 5  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
02/01/1989Op.Ed: PETA demands frightening... 8  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
02/11/1988Animal abuse isn't necessary(letter) 8  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
02/08/1988Research vital for saving lives(letter) 10  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
03/18/1988Student charged with cruelty... 4  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
08/26/1991Activists protest live lobster tanks... 2  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
10/11/1989Animal rights activists sue...documents 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
12/08/1989Campuses across N.C. abuzz... 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
01/18/1989Animal abuse charge denied 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
12/06/1988Group claims violations at UNC 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
01/31/1989Editorial: A realistic life on farm 8  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
10/13/1989Animal sanctuary site rejected 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
01/23/1991Group suspects company's animal abuse 3  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
01/30/1989Group criticizes UNC (PETA) 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
10/18/1989Pamphlet targets UNC lab reform 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
02/01/1988Op.Ed: Lab animals deserve humane care 10  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
12/08/1988MD criticizes animal research, UNC 4  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
03/20/1989Op.Ed: PETA's concerns, valid... 11  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
01/29/1990Animal use not only method(letter) 8  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
10/12/2011PAWS works to protect animals 6  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
10/02/2012Video asks people to go vegan 4  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC
03/19/2013Ed: Silence on vivisection 10  ANIMAL RIGHTS, UNC