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04/19/2002PETA video spurs UNC lab inquiry 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS
01/22/2003PETA responds to UNC report 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS
04/26/1993OpEd: Lab Animal Liberation Week only hurts... 11  ANIMAL RIGHTS
04/23/2002Be nice to mice [Editorial] 10  ANIMAL RIGHTS
10/04/1993Animals have no rights under U.S. Constitution 9  ANIMAL RIGHTS
03/02/1993Both sides of dissection issue...(letter) 8  ANIMAL RIGHTS
04/22/2002UNC starts investigation of labs, animal treatment 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS
03/29/1993Dissection opponents deserve alternative...(letter) 11  ANIMAL RIGHTS
09/24/2002Report Cites UNC Response to Lab Inquiry 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS
09/24/1998Group Tries to Protect Lab Animals 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS
04/13/1993Animal rights activists see bias where...(letter) 8  ANIMAL RIGHTS
09/15/1993Student groups divided over animal dissection 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS
09/23/1993A biological imperative 12  ANIMAL RIGHTS
10/01/1993Some nonhuman creatures deserve immediate help 10  ANIMAL RIGHTS
09/28/1993Alternatives to dissection do benefit biology dept. 6  ANIMAL RIGHTS
01/23/2004Animal shelter opens up to critic 3  ANIMAL RIGHTS
01/26/2004County task force begins review of shelter 11  ANIMAL RIGHTS
02/03/2004County enacts revised APS contract 5  ANIMAL RIGHTS
05/20/2004PETA probe spawns abuse allegations 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS
11/22/2004Division strives to protect animals 3  ANIMAL RIGHTS
11/24/2004PETA cries foul on campus animal testing 1  ANIMAL RIGHTS
11/29/2004DTH article poorly portrays UNC's research scientists (letter) 9  ANIMAL RIGHTS
11/30/2004Editorial cartoon: "He gave Ralph a PETA member's brain?!?" 8  ANIMAL RIGHTS
...Editorial: Impeding progress 8  ANIMAL RIGHTS
12/01/2004UNC's treatment of animals doesn't follow federal rules (letter) 12  ANIMAL RIGHTS
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