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01/22/1988Architectural plans nearly finished 1  ALUMNI CENTER
09/13/1995Will decries status of welfare state 1  ALUMNI CENTER
05/28/1992Disagreements push back Alumni Center completion 3  ALUMNI CENTER
01/17/1990Editorial: Buying a bad future/Alumni 10  ALUMNI CENTER
01/31/1992Construction 85 percent finished on Alumni Center 3  ALUMNI CENTER
08/31/1989Alumni Center meeting schedule 12a  ALUMNI CENTER
02/23/1988Op.Ed:Students left powerless in battle 7  ALUMNI CENTER
01/29/1990Security changes make 'Big Woods' safer 3  ALUMNI CENTER
09/20/1991Fund sources for club in Alumni Center 1  ALUMNI CENTER
10/09/1987Students oppose site 1  ALUMNI CENTER
02/24/1992Brick cleaners injured cy crane's fall 3  ALUMNI CENTER
10/23/1991Delays make completion date uncertain 1  ALUMNI CENTER
02/07/1988Op.Ed: Students and Alumni Center 7  ALUMNI CENTER
06/16/1988Approved; construction bids to begin 5  ALUMNI CENTER
04/20/1988BOT reviews plans for Alumni Center 1  ALUMNI CENTER
01/28/1988Editorial: Send Alumni Center south 8  ALUMNI CENTER
10/15/1987Editorial: No center lovely as... 8  ALUMNI CENTER
07/02/1987Construction begins in fall 6  ALUMNI CENTER
02/19/1990Op.Ed: Alumni Center follows tradition 11  ALUMNI CENTER
04/21/1989Editorial: Construction needs better... 12  ALUMNI CENTER
04/20/1989Groundbreaking slated for May 6  ALUMNI CENTER
10/09/1987Op.Ed: Keep center out of woods 8  ALUMNI CENTER
05/23/1985A fitting gift for bicentennial 7  ALUMNI CENTER
11/30/1988Editorial: Building in Big Woods 8  ALUMNI CENTER
04/09/1991Editorial: Alumni monster...Big Woods 8  ALUMNI CENTER
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