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04/21/1983Op.Ed: UNC should divest 12  ALUMNI ANNUAL GIVING (AAG)
09/29/1977Alumni contribute over $400,000... 2  ALUMNI ANNUAL GIVING (AAG)
11/08/1959National Security Seminar Scheduled For Wednesday 1  ALUMNI ANNUAL GIVING (AAG)
10/25/1967Alumni Donations Pass $1 Million 1  ALUMNI ANNUAL GIVING (AAG)
08/26/1998Former Players Sue Dorrance, UNC 1  ALUMNI FRATERNITY COUNCIL (AFC)
01/11/1991AFC discusses striNgent alcohol policy 1  ALUMNI FRATERNITY COUNCIL (AFC)
10/22/1981Admissions target minorities 4  ALUMNI FRATERNITY COUNCIL (AFC)
11/27/2001Alumnus brings up past sit-in for BCC; Hitchcock one of the 17 protesters [Letter] 8  ALUMNI
10/07/1997Police officer claims citation double standard exists 1  ALUMNI
02/04/1994UNC Alum present bicentennial musical - Tar Heel Voices 6  ALUMNI
11/13/1991Need to show spirit at football (letter) 10  ALUMNI
02/18/1977Rams Club: Alumni dollars pay for more.. 1  ALUMNI
01/18/1978Hamilton Hobgood: an eventful judgeship 1  ALUMNI
07/21/1994UNC Alumni to Address Chancelor Search Group 3  ALUMNI
07/28/1994Alumni: Leader Should Know UNC 1  ALUMNI
02/07/1975Editorial: End double standard for 6  ALUMNI
10/31/1970Returning Alumni Will Find Change 4  ALUMNI
09/25/1996Alumni return to classroom in seniors college 2  ALUMNI
10/27/1976Rambunctious Rams rile student(letter) 8  ALUMNI
08/25/2003Diabetes first on minds of players 1B  ALUMNI
11/05/2003Price's power comes quietly 3  ALUMNI
12/03/2003Visiting alumna to share TV exploits 2  ALUMNI
09/16/2003Drink Vendor's degree pays off 1  ALUMNI
01/17/1895Two Young Journalist Alumni 2  ALUMNI
01/19/1895University Alumni in the Legislature 1  ALUMNI
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