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02/07/19907 frats eyed in dry rush inquiry 1  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
10/02/1981Alcohol rumors durings rush..criticism 1  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
09/09/1976UNC sloshes its way through wars. . . 5  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
11/16/1989OMNIBUS: ...Truth or Consequences 6  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
09/01/1985Drug,alcohol program seeking counselors 3  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
10/22/1987Groups sponsor awareness programs 1  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
11/10/1976On-campus beer sale brewing 1  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
11/08/1982Problem threatening family, college 8  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
11/08/1990OMNIBUS:A veritable alcoholic megapolis 8  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
09/22/1971Alcohol rules to be discussed 1  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
11/05/1982Penalties stiffer in Chapel Hill 1  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
12/03/1981Getting through school, planning future 4  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
04/27/1982Area restaurants see rise..consumption 1  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
11/19/1982...Use prevalent other universities 5  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
09/09/1988Local hospitals treatment..controversy 1  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
03/11/1985New alcohol program begins operation 8  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
11/09/1989The Law Affects Everyone (OMNIBUS) 8+  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
09/13/1989Editorial: Respect...rights(off-campus) 10  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
10/13/1982Council to form alcohol task force 1  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
11/12/1990Hardin supports alcohol-free day 3  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
08/25/1980Bars increase checks of IDs 13a  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
03/21/1980Mixed drinks help restaurants 1  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
08/23/1982Crackdowns: Chapel Hill police..enforce 5a  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
06/26/1997UNC selected as test site of alcohol study 1  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
10/09/1989Board and Frats drinking (letter) 9  ALCOHOL USE (UNC)
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