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11/11/1999Rule Aims to Curb Drinking 3  ALCOHOL USE / ABUSE
10/13/1960University Enforces Drink Law: Grigg Requests Student Refrain 1  ALCOHOL USE / ABUSE
11/16/1967Travis Asks For End To Concert Drinking 1  ALCOHOL USE / ABUSE
09/21/2001Officials encourage alcohol-free tailgaiting activities. 1  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
01/16/1998Medical school to use new grant to research alcoholism's effects 3  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
09/08/1997Few alcohol citations given during season opener 3  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
03/27/1998Drinking should not become nightly pastime for students (letter) 8  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
08/19/1996Driven to Drink 16a  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
10/17/1995No action taken on complaint 1  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
11/19/1996Learning on the rocks 1  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
09/10/1997UNC researchers to study drinking vices of students 1  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
09/17/1996OP-ED: Soccer team drinking issue an unfair, unnecessary 8  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
10/23/1995The high price of tragedy 12  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
10/30/1997APO follows laws regarding alcohol usse by student group (letter) 14  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
10/13/1995Op.Ed: Collegiate binge drinking isn't all fun and games 10  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
10/16/1995The Daily Tar Heel should not encourage binge drinking 12  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
09/02/1998New Rules To Affect 1st Game 1  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
08/22/1996Editorial: [Article misleading about role of alcohol in frat fire] 12  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
11/09/1995Open-Container Law Citation Was Proof of Failed System 14  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
02/11/1997IFC seeks to improve rush, end alcohol use 1  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
03/24/1997Editorial: [Drying out] 10  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
11/21/1997UNC among first to test new program 3  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
08/23/1995New open-container law leads to crackdown at campus party 1A  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
09/02/1997Editorials: Drunk to death 10  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
09/05/1995Ed: Immune alumni 10  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
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