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04/02/2002Winmore to boast affordable housing 3  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
03/01/2000Editorial: Smart Growth -- Horace Williams tract 12  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
05/01/2001Town, UNC consider housing project 3  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
09/07/2001University, town officials question housing proposal 3  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
03/06/2000Affordable housing would reap benefits [letter] 12  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
11/26/2002Priced Out of a Home 8  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
11/21/2003Officials decry lack of funds for cheap housing 3  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
09/08/2003Op.Ed: Chapel Hill not willing to pay price 11  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
...Op.Ed: Town feeling weight of student living 11  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
10/06/2003ED: Solving Conflicts newly created committee to study rental housing issues... 9  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
02/04/2004Carrboro oks pacifica changes 6  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
02/26/2004Board alters planning rules 11  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
03/26/2004BOT aims for affordable housing 3  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
11/11/2010One Block at a time - Projects reaches out to UNC employees 1  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
11/30/2010Town Council reviews need for cheaper homes 9  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
03/31/2011Students talk housing costs 3  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
06/16/2011Op. Ed: We aren't the problem [UNC housing preferences near campus] 8  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
09/19/2011Chapel Hill implements affordable housing policy 4  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
03/20/2012Affordable housing allotments cut in half 4  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
09/24/2012Affordable housing initiative grows 3  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
10/16/2012Affordable housing discussed in Carrboro 3  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
10/30/2012Affordable housing may be demolished 6  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
11/16/2012Ed: Need affordable housing 8  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
04/24/2013Carrboro looks to retain affordable housing 3  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
06/20/2013Housing prices pose obstacles for many UNC employees 1  AFFORDABLE HOUSING
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