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08/21/1995Ed: Keep race criteria 14A  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
10/21/1975UNC progress varies..Affirmative Action 1  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
04/01/2003UM case set to go before top court 1  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
11/13/1995Failed Experiment' Has Not Solved Fundemental Problems 11  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
09/10/1997Initiative, hard work solution to affirmative action debate (letter) 12  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
04/08/2003UM supporters: diversity enhances college experience 1  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
09/20/1973Op.Ed: BSM/Affirmative action for whom? 6  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
02/26/1996Patrick Speaks Up for Civil Rights, Affirmative Action 2  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
07/09/1998Affirmative Action used for more than race equality (letter) 10  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
01/21/2003UNC Law School to side with UM 1  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
07/27/1995Ed: California nightmare 12  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
10/17/1973Plan supported by committee 4  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
11/16/1982Chambers: racial equity still needed 1  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
11/13/1975Affirmative Action: trying again 1  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
11/13/1995New Action Plan Working in California 11  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
03/16/1995Affirmative action editorial presented short-sighted view 12  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
01/20/1973Plan revision scheduled 1  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
08/31/1984Officer establishes goals 3  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
04/02/2003UM admissions on trial 1  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
04/21/1980Affirmative action official to be named 1  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
11/20/1997Pit debate speaks out on affirmative action 1  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
09/14/1973Taylor appoints 18 member committee 1  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
04/06/1998Editorial: Strength from diversity 10  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
08/28/1973Affirmative plan goes into effect 11  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
02/11/2003BOG might take stand in UM case 1  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
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