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03/11/1980BSM may be too late for selection... 1  AFAM STUDIES
11/27/1989Op.Ed: Stop belittling...concerns 8  AFAM STUDIES
08/25/1980Chairman seeks variety 3  AFAM STUDIES
12/01/1989Critics don't understand (letter) 8  AFAM STUDIES
...Chairman selected (AFAM Studies) 1  AFAM STUDIES
02/21/1978Expansion of African studies cites 1  AFAM STUDIES
08/27/1986Attending filled classes curtailed 1  AFAM STUDIES
10/24/1985African curriculum expanded 1  AFAM STUDIES
03/20/1974BSM memorial services honor Dr. Brewer 1  AFAM STUDIES
01/29/1980Op.Ed: National enrollment AFAM down 6  AFAM STUDIES
02/16/1987Afro-American studies loses appeal 2  AFAM STUDIES
01/30/1991Prof of AFAM history returns UNC 1  AFAM STUDIES
11/06/1985Black studies takes lead in nation 1  AFAM STUDIES
03/28/1991African studies seek department status 5  AFAM STUDIES
12/07/19693 Afro-American Courses Are Added 1  AFAM STUDIES
11/04/2011AFAM investigation draws student ire 1  AFAM STUDIES
11/07/2011Ed: E pluribus UNC 6  AFAM STUDIES
09/29/2011Ed: Too close for comfort 12  AFAM STUDIES
11/22/2011Sahle to lead AFAM at UNC 3  AFAM STUDIES
05/24/2012Board to talk AFAM fraud 1  AFAM STUDIES
05/17/2012SBI will look into AFAM department 1  AFAM STUDIES
05/31/2012AFAM fraud leads to policy changes 1  AFAM STUDIES
06/14/2012AFAM majors see progress 1  AFAM STUDIES
08/18/2012Tracking the athletic scandal 3  AFAM STUDIES
...Academic fraud at UNC detailed 6  AFAM STUDIES
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