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10/07/1986Fordham rules out Hassel's proposal 1  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
09/16/1982Editorial: Committee chaos 6  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
09/22/1986Fordham, Hassel weighing options 1  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
02/15/1983Chancellor's committees; advisory group 1  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
04/30/1981Committees influence decisions 13  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
09/19/1986Hassel to press for privilege 1  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
02/07/1989Policy to speed student appointments 1  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
10/07/1986Editorial: Controversy breeds progress 8  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
09/17/1986Nominee nixed by University (FSAC) 1  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
11/18/1986Fordham gives Hassel OK, rank nominees 1  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
11/19/1986Editorial: Preserve student views 10  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
09/14/1982Effectiveness of students... 1  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
11/07/1986Hassel set back in effort to gain... 1  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
08/24/1981Chancellor approves committee nominees 12a  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
11/09/1982Students named to committees (chart) 5  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
10/05/2011Faculty advisory committee takes shape 3  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
10/15/2012Ed: Plan needs faculty input 4  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
04/23/1963Reorganized System Announced For Student Committees 1  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
10/24/2012Students, faculty worried about diversity 3  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
10/25/2012System to match degrees with jobs 3  ADVISORY COMMITTEES
09/18/1962University Officials In Raleigh Ask For Faculty Pay Raises 1  ADVISORY COMMITTEES