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04/07/2004Editorial: DTH's free speech principle extends to Playboy ad 10  DTH, ADVERTISEMENTS
04/14/2004Ashburn's defense of ad for Playboy is insufficient (letter) 12  DTH, ADVERTISEMENTS
12/11/1938Advertisement: Movies - @ the Carolina - The Lady and the Cowboy; Algiers and @ the Pick - The Stotrm and Mr. Moto's Gamble 4  DTH, ADVERTISEMENTS
09/15/1916Advertisements: Carolina Drug. Co; CocaCola; J. D. Webb & son [men's clothings] 3  DTH, ADVERTISEMENTS
...Ads: Get it at Foister's [camera and office supplies] 5  DTH, ADVERTISEMENTS
09/30/1916Advertisements: Fatima Cigarettes 5  DTH, ADVERTISEMENTS
10/14/1916Advertisements: Pepsi Cola 3  DTH, ADVERTISEMENTS
12/08/1917Advertisments: Foisters -- Carolina pillow tops 3  DTH, ADVERTISEMENTS
10/14/1915Advertisements: Eubanks Drug Co.; Herndon Hardware; Dick's Laundry Company 5  DTH, ADVERTISEMENTS
12/16/1915UNC Book Exchange -- To save students $1500 by end of year 2  DTH, ADVERTISEMENTS
09/17/1914@ the Movies: The Pickwick - a poem beginning If you're feeling tired of life, Go to the Pickwick ... 3  DTH, ADVERTISEMENTS
09/23/1942Advertisement: Carolina's Choice ... at Brady's Restaurant 7  DTH, ADVERTISEMENTS
01/30/2004Corporate advertising 'inevitable,' panel says 3  ADVERTISEMENTS, ATHLETICS
01/26/2004Arena ads looming for University 1  ADVERTISEMENTS, ATHLETICS
01/27/2004Ads could boost scholarship funds 3  ADVERTISEMENTS, ATHLETICS
01/29/2004Editorial: Unfortunate fate 12  ADVERTISEMENTS, ATHLETICS
02/03/2004Editorial cartoon: "I hate corporate signage" 10  ADVERTISEMENTS, ATHLETICS
04/13/2004Forum will address issue of corporate signage in sports (letter) 10  ADVERTISEMENTS, ATHLETICS
04/15/2004Students air opinions on signage 1  ADVERTISEMENTS, ATHLETICS
06/03/2004Task force endorses ads at sports venues 1  ADVERTISEMENTS, ATHLETICS
...Editorial cartoon: Commercialization 10  ADVERTISEMENTS, ATHLETICS
...Editorial: Excessive measure 10  ADVERTISEMENTS, ATHLETICS
11/16/2004BOT may take up signage 2  ADVERTISEMENTS, ATHLETICS
11/19/2004Editorial: Face up to the facts 8  ADVERTISEMENTS, ATHLETICS
09/22/1929Advertisment - Gooch's Cafe 3  ADVERTISEMENTS
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