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04/04/1895University of North Carolina. Offers thorough instruction 4  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
12/11/1938Advertisement: Movies - @ the Carolina - The Lady and the Cowboy; Algiers and @ the Pick - The Stotrm and Mr. Moto's Gamble 4  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
01/23/1897Advertisment - DTH for - A Wonerful Invention prsented by T. D. Dunstan Prof. of Tonsorial Art 4  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
04/03/1897Advertisement - Call on the University Press for printing of posters, dodgers etc 3  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
10/22/1897Advertisment - Pickard's - Livery, Feed and Sale Stables 4  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
09/22/1929Advertisment - Gooch's Cafe 3  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
10/02/1929Advertisement: Drink Coca-Cola - Pause and refresh yourslef 2  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
10/05/1929Advertisement: Both are lines of national defense - Bell System ad 2  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
10/06/1929Now playing @ the Carolina in Durham: Broadway 4  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
10/21/1962Advertisement: Towne House Apartments Opening 3  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
10/09/1929Advertisement: Build Noah's Ark - tie ins to Warner Brother film Noah's Ark 4  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
10/12/1929Now Playing @ the Carolina . . . Woman Traop 2  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
10/20/1929Now Playing @ the Carolina - Bulldog Drummond - Ronald Colman's first talking picture 2  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
10/23/1929Advertisement: Our 70th Anniversary - sale for A&P 4  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
10/25/1929Advertisement: Announcing Berman's Harvest Sale - Berman's Department Store Chapel Hill 4  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
10/27/1929Now Playing @ the Carolina Theatre: Gloria Swanson in The Trepasser - her first talking picture 4  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
12/04/1962Coach's posters get results 6  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
01/15/1963Movie: End of desire 3  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
11/08/1929Advertisement: A&P 4  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
08/31/2012Ed: Speak freely on buses 10  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
01/10/1930!&P Advertisement 25 cent sale 4  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
09/30/1916Advertisements: Fatima Cigarettes 5  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
12/08/1917Advertisments: Foisters -- Carolina pillow tops 3  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
03/18/1916Advertisements: The Pickwick Program - week of films at Pickwick movie theater 3  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
12/10/1914Advertisments: G. C. Pickard & Sons -- Livery Stables 3  ADVERTISEMENT, HISTORICAL
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