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10/26/2001Editorial: Serving Students [by changing or abolishing out-of-state cap 1  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
01/12/1990Freshman applications down 1  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
06/12/1986Applications up 11% for fall 1  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
09/17/1998Editorial: Admissions: Still an Inexact Science 14  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
05/25/1989Fewer applicants to UNC in '89 1  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
04/23/1974UNC (Dental/Med) schools selective 2  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
03/15/1988Official predictions rise in UNC... 1  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
04/05/2002UNC receives an increase in applicants, mails letters to Class of 2006 1  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
09/07/1994University's black enrollement jumps 1  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
09/11/1987Awareness study planned 1  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
02/08/2001Editorial: Not just black & white 12  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
01/09/1987BOG toughens standards for UNC 1  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
09/05/1989Editorial: Hall's hopes too high 10  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
10/22/2001Officials' views differ on admissions cap 1  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
05/30/1991Op.Ed: Qualified Asians shunned...admissions 10  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
08/24/1992University to accept ACT for admission 1a  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
01/24/2003Lucido: UNC race-conscious, not race based 3  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
02/09/1990BOT, improve out-of-state ratio 1  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
08/28/1987Admissions policy put on hold 5A  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
06/02/1994SAT Floors Scrapped in Admissions 3  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
01/18/1991Editorial: Outdated admissions 8  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
02/08/1990More frosh exceptions 1  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
08/31/1971Cashwell in charge, student admissions 11  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
04/02/1999Proposal Pushes to Revamp Path to Admission 3  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
10/19/1978Women students now in majority 1  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
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