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04/05/2002UNC receives an increase in applicants, mails letters to Class of 2006 1  ADMISSIONS, UNC
11/26/1997Broad calls for analysis of admissions standards 1  ADMISSIONS, UNC
12/03/2002UNC Early Applicants Decrease 1  ADMISSIONS, UNC
08/25/2003Admission suit awaits ruling 3A  ADMISSIONS, UNC
11/21/2003Rejected student appeal hits yet another obstacle 3  ADMISSIONS, UNC
11/17/2003Decision expected in trial status of Edmonson case 3  ADMISSIONS, UNC
09/08/2003Editorial: A Right to Decide ...admissions 10  ADMISSIONS, UNC
02/14/1970UNC Admissions Future Looks Black 4  ADMISSIONS, UNC
02/04/1969NUC Blasts Sitterson For Reply To BSM Demands 1  ADMISSIONS, UNC
09/28/2010Don't call freshman class 'second ,' it's rude (letter) 8  ADMISSIONS, UNC
10/04/2010Fewer athlete exceptions let in 1  ADMISSIONS, UNC
01/21/2011Ed: An (UNC)common school 10  ADMISSIONS, UNC
03/28/2011Colleges send acceptance letters earlier 11  ADMISSIONS, UNC
09/14/2011Common Application brings fee increase 5  ADMISSIONS, UNC
08/31/2011New program to attract international students 6  ADMISSIONS, UNC
04/05/2012UNC becomes more selective 1  ADMISSIONS, UNC
05/02/1963Colleges To Include State Negro Schools In Admissions Plans 1  ADMISSIONS, UNC
11/14/2012University discusses future of admissions policy 3  ADMISSIONS, UNC
09/24/1963Admissions Standards Hiked 3  ADMISSIONS, UNC
01/14/2012Leaders consider cost of raising out-of-state cap 1  ADMISSIONS, UNC
10/31/1963Trustees Tighten Admission Policy 1  ADMISSIONS, UNC
01/30/2013Prospective students face stronger competition 3  ADMISSIONS, UNC
12/04/1963Admissions Dept. Profile Gives Lowdown On Frosh 3  ADMISSIONS, UNC
10/07/2013Athletics group focuses on admissions in first meeting 1  ADMISSIONS, UNC
10/11/2013A disproportionate reality 1  ADMISSIONS, UNC
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