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11/29/1973UNC applications down 4 per cent 1  ADMISSIONS
08/25/2003Admission suit awaits ruling 3A  ADMISSIONS
11/21/2003Rejected student appeal hits yet another obstacle 3  ADMISSIONS
11/17/2003Decision expected in trial status of Edmonson case 3  ADMISSIONS
11/21/2003Rejected student appeal hits yet another obstacle 3  ADMISSIONS
01/15/2004Op.Ed: Socio-economic status is a better admissions standard 10  ADMISSIONS
11/12/2003Edwards opposes legacy policies 2  ADMISSIONS
09/24/1959Student body size reaches high level 1  ADMISSIONS
...Student Body Size Reaches High Level 1  ADMISSIONS
04/06/2004Incoming class more diverse, qualified 3  ADMISSIONS
08/31/2004Number of online apps triples 2  ADMISSIONS
10/06/2004UNC sees increase in diversity 1  ADMISSIONS
11/23/2004College systems spar over transfers 2  ADMISSIONS
...Editorial: Outside hands off 10  ADMISSIONS
11/24/2004Not all community college students are transferring (letter) 8  ADMISSIONS
09/28/2010Don't call freshman class 'second ,' it's rude (letter) 8  ADMISSIONS
10/04/2010Fewer athlete exceptions let in 1  ADMISSIONS
06/03/2010UNC uses 3 steps to stop admission scams 6  ADMISSIONS
04/05/2012UNC becomes more selective 1  ADMISSIONS
10/10/2012Profiles could affect admissions 1  ADMISSIONS
...Ed: Keep social media out 12  ADMISSIONS
10/16/2012Court hears case on affirmative action 3  ADMISSIONS
05/02/1963Colleges To Include State Negro Schools In Admissions Plans 1  ADMISSIONS
11/14/2012University discusses future of admissions policy 3  ADMISSIONS
09/24/1963Admissions Standards Hiked 3  ADMISSIONS
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