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11/17/1999Lifting Every Voice? 5  ACTIVISM/APATHY
02/03/1994Low campus election voter turnout reflects . . . 3  ACTIVISM/APATHY
09/02/1992Students have civic duty to get involved (letter) 8  ACTIVISM/APATHY
10/01/1990Op.Ed: Dearth of info Bicentennial 9  ACTIVISM/APATHY
02/25/1980Editorial: A pervasive sickness 6  ACTIVISM/APATHY
01/09/1971Tempers flared, subsided: Editorial 4  ACTIVISM/APATHY
11/14/1974Editorial: Student timidity... 8  ACTIVISM/APATHY
04/08/1991Editorial: March for education 6  ACTIVISM/APATHY
10/04/1970Protest Is Tradition Of Carolina 3  ACTIVISM/APATHY
11/08/1973Editorial: Student activism into votes 6  ACTIVISM/APATHY
08/26/1998Duke Passes UNC on List of Most Active Colleges 5  ACTIVISM/APATHY
01/31/2003Commanalities draw students to organizations 3  ACTIVISM/APATHY
04/06/1998OP-ED: Student activism personal choice, not responsibility 11  ACTIVISM/APATHY
02/03/1994Editorial: Rock the vote 12  ACTIVISM/APATHY
11/16/1999Campus Y Conference Rallies Against Apathy 5  ACTIVISM/APATHY
08/30/2001Anti-death penalty vigil attracts attention in Pit 10  ACTIVISM/APATHY
02/06/1975Editorial: Students lack cohesive force 6  ACTIVISM/APATHY
01/25/2001UNC freshmen show substantial political interest 3  ACTIVISM/APATHY
11/30/1998SOA Leader Says 'I'm Just Assigned Here' 7  ACTIVISM/APATHY
04/01/1995Campus apathy shows pathetic lack of concern 11  ACTIVISM/APATHY
11/30/1998An Attempt on the Life of a School 1  ACTIVISM/APATHY
02/13/1975Williams (SBP) decries apathy on campus 1  ACTIVISM/APATHY
01/05/1971Campus apathy not permanent: EDITORIAL 6  ACTIVISM/APATHY
03/02/1999Low Student Attendance Marks Pit Forum 3  ACTIVISM/APATHY
12/07/1983Students interested, not likely to act 1  ACTIVISM/APATHY
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