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01/29/2003Faculty, Mediterranean form Ackland exhibits 6  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
02/21/2003Nepali artist shars with visitors to Ackland 5  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
10/14/1981Ackland director..student interests 6  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
03/17/1978Ackland art innovator Sloane retires 1  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
01/23/1997Ackland turns Arabian for benefit extravaganza 6  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
06/22/1995Ackland exhibits Eminent Carolinians 8a  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
04/18/1991Ackland storytelling program welcomes 5  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
01/28/1992Gift to help Ackland expand programs 3  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
01/31/1991Ackland may close, budget woes,security 1  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
09/17/1971Ackland to display unusual graphics 3  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
08/26/1974Art resources abound 3e  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
02/21/1991Donation allows operation through March 3  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
08/28/1973Ackland: unique blend 4d  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
10/25/1977UNC's art museum 1  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
09/20/1999Ackland Exhibit Explores China's Politics History 7  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
02/22/2001Freshman curators put Paris art on view 3  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
08/29/1983Exhibit to celebrate 25th anniversary 8b  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
09/14/1993Ackland director retires, leaves legacy of growth... 3  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
09/12/1985Exhibit shows what those who teach... 3a  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
08/29/1972Ackland: art for art's sake 6c  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
08/25/1986Facelift, expand art collection 1a  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
10/24/1994Faculty Exhibit current explorations 5  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
01/27/1994A journey into the Art World [Triangle museums] 5  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
04/07/1971Ackland offers medeival art 3  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
10/28/1971Ackland exhibiting faculty art show 3  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
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